4 solutions for matching the neckline to the figure

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Not every one of us knows that the appropriate neckline in blouse can both emphasize our advantages and hide the imperfections. So don’t make a mistake, choosing a blouse with neckline which completely doesn’t suit you. Get to know the following ways to facilitate the matching the neckline to the figure.

American neckline

This type of the neckline is associated by many with a movie star, Marylin Monroe. It’s perfect for average-sized breast owners. It won’t suit both too small, as well as too big breast. Deciding on a blouse with American neckline, remember to hold the straight back, otherwise you will spoil the entire charm of this neckline. This neckline extends and optically makes the upper body look slimmer.

Spanish neckline

The blouse with Spanish neckline reveals and shows the shoulders off in nice way. It also emphasize a narrow waistline and women’s hips. If you have wide shoulders, a Spanish neckline isn’t a proper choice for you. Your shoulders will look even wider. Don’t decide also on this neckline, if you have a wider waist, don’t let the gentle appearance of this blouse delude you – at wide waist it will look far less gently.

Diamonds neckline

The diamonds neckline is simply created for plentiful breast owners. It’ll optically reduce them and cause that they will look very appetizing. Such neckline type will also extend short neck. You should wear this blouse only with the push-up type bra. Probably you don’t want to show your underwear off. You should resign from the diamonds neckline, if you have wide shoulders.


If you have narrow, shapely shoulders and a little breast, the boat-type neckline is a perfect way for the matching the neckline to your figure. However, it’s necessary to remember that such type of the neckline is optically shortening the neck and isn’t looking good on short persons.

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