4 solutions for keeping matte face

Posted: October 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Even if you don’t have an oily complexion, it’s certainly happening, that your complexion is taking a shine in the forehead, the nose and the chin areas. There are placed the most of sebaceous glands. The shiny face looks aesthetically, so it’s certainly worthwhile learning, how to deal with such a problem. Below we are presenting a few solution for keeping the matte face.

Daily care

If you don’t want to your face shine, to wash it, use the cosmetics with the content of salicylic or glycol acid. Thanks to them you will easily get rid of fat which likes to gather in leeks and you won’t dry it off .If you have an oily complexion, you can decide on cosmetic about astringent action.


It’s very important to regularly, but not too often, apply a facial peeling. Thanks to it you will remove dead cells of the skin which block the sebaceous glands. After cleaning, it’s good to put the face mask on the face. If our goal is to keep the matte face, the best choice is the face mask with the content of clay. Buy ready products at the chemist’s, or prepare the face mask with clay on your own. There are four kinds of clay. The green one is the best for the oily complexion, pink for mature complexion, and red and white are suitable for the more sensitive complexion. We mix the teaspoon of chosen clay up with the mineral water to get the thick pap. We put the face mask on the face for half an hour. We wash it off with lukewarm, boiled water. To the mask we can also add yolk of the egg, honey, lemon juice, or different kinds of oils (e.g. of olives, of almonds, jojoba) which will additionally moisten and feed your complexion up.


If you use the moistening night cream, it’s better to replace it with the lighter equivalent, which contains less fat. Moreover, if your complexion has tendency to pimples, choose the cream, adapted exactly for such a complexion. Moreover, if you don’t want to your face shine, remember about applying cream with the UV filter. When it’s warm, the skin produces more sebum, so your skin shines more. Creams with the filter are quite fatty, so you can decide on cream, intended for the acne complexion.

Mat tissues

A great solution for keeping the matte face are mat tissues. You should always carry them in the bag and use every time your complexion is getting shine. Tissues will help you to get rid of this problem immediately.

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