4 solutions for ingrowing nails

Posted: October 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Ingrowing nails are a very painful problem and can cause dangerous complications, such us infection, the suppuration, the bleeding and many other unpleasant troubles. Get to know, what to do in order to avoid it.


Above all, get rid of all too small shoes. The tight footwear contributes to nails ingrowing. So stop buying too small shoes, never mind, that they are pretty, but the health of your feet is far more important.

Correct nail trimming

Learn, that the nails should be trimmed straight, not rounding their ends up. This mistake in the nails care can result in their ingrowing.

Buckle method

This solution for ingrowing nails can be made only by the competent pedicurist. The buckle method is used, if the nail ingrowing is caused by the deformation of the nail plate. You will feel relieved immediately after putting the buckle on, but the process of curing lasts a few weeks. The buckle method works through the flattening the nail plate and the change of the way of its height.

Quenu method

The Quenu method is an invading method so it’s better to decide on it only when other ways failed. The treatment consists in removing the ingrowing part of the nail and cleaning and sewing up of arising injury. After everything, the bandage with antibiotic is put on. After such a treatment wearing comfortable, quite loose footwear is needed.

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