4 solutions for effective leg’s hair depilation

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Silky smooth legs is the dream of every woman, but achieving such an ideal effect is usually difficult and short lived. Effective legs depilation is to choose such solutions in order to in possible easy and less painful way achieve great results.


They are the easiest and fastest type of depilation. In today’s market there are plenty of razors, designed specifically for women. The razors are equipped with additional blades, moisturizing belts, or moveable handle. It is the best to shave the legs just after a bath, then the hairs will be slightly raised. Then, it is good to use a special shaving cream, or even a shower gel. We shave the hair always from the bottom up. This kind of depilation is certainly easy and fast, but unfortunately the hair grows back quickly.

Electrical hair remover

An alternative for razors are electric depilatory. A definite advantage of these devices is that they are getting rid of hair up to 3 weeks, and the hairs grow back much weaker. Good depilatory has a cooling or massaging lap, which significantly facilitate depilation. Sensitive people should be aware that electrical depilatories is quite painfully leg’s hair removal.

Depilatory creams

We apply a special cream, gel or foam evenly on the dry legs. After about 10 minutes, hair will melt and we can very easy remove them using a special spatula, or you can simply rinse the cream in the shower. This easy and painless solution will free us from the trouble for about one week. Do not use the product more frequently than once for 3 days. Before use people with disposition to allergy should check, if the product doesn’t cause allergies.


Effective leg’s hair removal are also special patches of wax. Before applying the patch, you should moisturize and dry the skin. It is also worth to powder it with talcum or cosmetic powder, then the wax will adhere better. We stick the patch carefully, along with the direction of hair growth, and we tear it off with one, energetic movement. After treatment, we wipe the remains off with tissue, and we rub into the skin olive or moisturizing lotion. The hair removal is quick, and the hair grows back after about two weeks. Unfortunately, this method is not the most pleasant. This painful treatment is recommended above all for people, having a strong, dark hair.

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