4 solutions for dilated blood vessels on the face

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The owners of vascular skin have a big problem when it comes to it care. This type of skin is characterized by dilated and cracked blood vessels so-called “spider veins”. As a result, our skin blushes and it is sometimes mistakenly seen as a symbol of health. Therefore it is important to know how the care of this type skin should look like.

Daily care

This demanding skin type does not like excessive heat, so for washing it’s the best to use lukewarm, boiled or thermal water. To washing, do not use alkaline soaps and preparations with alcohol, menthol, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil. They have properties, which widening the blood vessels and we try to avoid this. Inadequate care of this skin is a mechanical exfoliation with the peeling, it is better to choose the enzyme one. This skin requires also an adequate protection against temperature variations, so make sure you use a cream with a high filter.

Oral preparations

Night is the time when the skin regenerates, so you can assist this process by appropriate measures with vitamin C and retinoid. Good are also preparations of extract from horse chestnut, or troxerutine or diosimine. They reinforce and seal the blood vessel walls. In the usage of oral formulations important is systematics. Only if we will use them regularly, these solutions for skin with dilated capillaries care prove effective.


With such delicate skin, it is better to avoid cosmetics which contain alcohol, dyes, fragrances and preservatives. You have to reach for such measures which strengthen blood vessels, or with C, K, PP vitamin, routine, ginkgo biloba extract, Hamamelis Virginian, arnica, and flowers of wild myrtle and horse chestnut. All these substances have the appropriate properties, which vascular skin care needs. In the drugstores we have a wide selection of whole lines of cosmetics, especially intended for this type of skin.

A visit to a specialist

Sometimes even the most careful daily care is not enough and all the other home solutions for vascular skin care fail. Then you should visit the beautician or dermatologist. They will help us to choose not only cosmetics appropriate for our skin, but they also advise the appropriate treatment, strengthening blood vessels. We can choose laser treatments, iontophoresis and electro cautery, and also a series of many other treatments, intended specifically for our delicate and demanding skin. For example, laser treatment is the introduction of the laser beam of light. This beam passes through the skin and causes shrinkage and closing of blood vessels. If one laser treatment proves insufficient, the number of consecutive requires consultation with a doctor. All methods are effective and safe, so it is definitely worth to decide on one of them.

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