4 simple steps to apply the mask on the hair

Posted: August 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The masks bring a real relief to the hair, damaged by a number of different factors such as poor diet, hairdressing treatments, or climatic conditions. However, you should know how the proper mask application should look like in order to make sure that its actions will bring desired results.


First, carefully examine your hair and determine exactly what they need. There are different types of masks – for oily hair, brittle, falling out, dry. We must, therefore, find out, which issue concerns us and get rid of it using a very effective mask.


We start applying the mask on the hair with a thorough washing of the head. The mask should be applied on damp hair, unless the instructions on the package say differently.


The way of applying the mask depends on for what type of hair it is designed. The masks, which should prevent hair loss or prevents their superfat, should be usually applied on the entire hair, from root, to the ends. However, if we decide for moisturizing, regenerating, or intended for colored hair mask, it is better to steer clear the skin around the head, in order to not superfat the hair. After applying the mask on your hair, wrap head with a towel, or put foil cap. The masks are in fact the best under the influence of heat.


After passing of the time recommended by the manufacturer, we rinse the mask. It is the best to wash your head again with shampoo to make sure that we got rid of all the masks residues. Not precisely washed mask will make that after drying, our hair will make the impression of heavy and too greasy. At the end, you can also rinse your hair in cool water with addition of vinegar, thanks to this simple treatment they become shinier.

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