4 simple rules for painting the nails

Posted: August 14th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Beautifully painted, well-groomed nails are a real women’s pride. Contrary to appearances, painted nails with color nail polish is not such a simple art. Just knowing how the nails painting should proceed, we can be sure of beautiful and lasting effect.


After selecting the appropriate color, it’s time to prepare the surface of the nail for the varnish applying. There are designed for this purpose special degreasing preparations. It is worth also to polish the plate to spread the nails varnish evenly.


If we want a lasting effect, one should use the foundation enamel. Then we put the brush with nail polish to the surface of the nail below half of its length, we move it near the skin and go back to the edge. This is a very streamline nails painting, the more that this movement should be made with one stroke of the brush.


Despite the wide range of fast-drying nail polish, they won’t be working, if we really are in a hurry. With the help comes then available in drugstores aerosol accelerating drying of the nail polish. Just wait until the nail varnish on the nails slightly dry out from the top and spray it with the preparation.


In order to enjoy the durability of the nail polish much longer and increase its resistance to chipping, it is worth to equip oneself in the drugstore in a special stiffen preparation. It will allow us to save time, needed to re-paint the nails.

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