4 secrets of grunge style

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

What is the grunge style? In music – harsh and aggressive tone. In fashion – seemingly careless, nonchalant stylization. Get to know the secrets of grunge style.

The thick, leather or checked

Immortal, flannel shirts are still in vogue. And they are one of the hallmarks of the grunge style. Even the pattern perfectly fits in it, so instead of shirt you can wear checked trousers, skirt or checked accessories. If it comes to the colouring, the best if it would be black – red, black -purple or black-blue. In colder seasons, the wool sweater in oversize style will be useful- i.e. at least one size bigger, or stylized on too big. An indispensable element of the costume is also a leather jacket and accessories.

Trousers and skirts

The grunge style is primarily convenience. Trousers with straight legs or skinny trousers, preferably “worn out” – with holes and wipes, leggings, opaque tights. In summer – jeans with cut, frayed trousers legs. When it comes to skirts, the best is the length of the mini.


Trainers, trainers and trainers once again. They can be both iconic Converse, as well as the usual, bought for a few pennies. Match both black, red, colourful, and checked or in other, interesting pattern. Grunge style is also associated with heavy shoes – with immortal bovver boots. Appropriate will be also footwear stylized on grasping, rock style – studded, machinery “worn out” and shaded.


Which accessories provide the grunge style? First of all, “too big” caps and berets, hats, pulled out of the grandfather’s closet. The hallmark of this style are also fingerless gloves, popularly known as “thieves”. If it comes to the bags, choose only the cavernous one, worn on the arm – preferably leather or patchwork.

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