4 pieces of advice how to wear a corset every day

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Already long time ago the corset has stopped to be only the underwear, which was tortured by our great-grandmothers. Now, it comes out of the bedroom to become a part of our everyday wardrobe. However, you need to know how to wear a corset every day in order to not look defiant or trashy. With the help comes our tips.

Avoid unnecessary ornaments

The corset in daily version should not have any details, which are associated with underwear – i.e. bows, laces, ribbons. It’s also necessary to beware of material – shiny satin can be too risky, not mention the latex.

Select the proper colour

Choose a colours which will not be associated with a bedroom. Move aside the fashionable pastels and replace them with equally fashionable, saturated colours – purple, orange, cobalt, fuchsia.

With which wear a corset?

How to wear a corset every day in other parts of the wardrobe? Everything depends on the occasion. The safest will be to wear it with skinny jeans and jacket, and with ballet pumps in addition. Avoid towering high-heels and miniskirts. Do not make the competition to the corset, which is a bold stylization element.

In the elegant version

Dressed up in the corset you can also go to the party. Just wear it with pencil skirt, stilettos, discreet jewellery and clutch bag and stylish set is ready!

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