4 pieces of advice how to wean oneself from biting one’s nails

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

A lot of people habitually bite their nails. It usually happens in stress situations, or just instinctively, as the habit from the childhood. The nail biting is a bad habit and causes that our hands look simply ugly. After all, every of us is dreaming of beautiful, neat nails. So it’s worthwhile overcoming this habit, and the following pieces of advice will be helpfully.

Motivate yourself

First, think, which benefits you will gain after stopping biting the nails. Above all, thanks to that, we won’t hide with shame the hands into pockets any more, instead of that we will be perceived as elegant and neat persons. The hands are showcase of every woman, they are liked by men, also employers often pay attention on the hand condition of their female employees. People with bitten nails certainly won’t inspire the trust and will be perceived as emotionally unstable persons. So collect all positive aspects, resulting from the fact that you will get rid of your habit and make a list of them on the sheet. Next, hang it in the place visible for you, so it will be reminded you every day that it’s worthwhile caring for the hands

Paint your nails

It isn’t about an ordinary, colourful nail polish. In the pharmacy, we can buy special polish nail, which has the task to dispose of the habit, which the nail biting is. It has exceptionally bitter and not very appetizing taste. Every time you will have willing to bite yours nails, you will feel this awful taste, which can discourage you from the further destroying your nails.

Absorb your hands with something

In stressing situations, instead of at once putting the nails into the mouth, it’s better to absorb your hands with something. So surf on the Internet, or play into computer games, paint, make the salad. Control your emotions and be attended to something, in this way you will quickly forget about your nails.

Care for nails

Not always we bite our nails because of nervousness. It’s often only about the fact that we notice that the nail plate is split, or the piece of the cuticle sticks out and we want to quickly fix it with our teeth. Therefore, it’s worthwhile carrying the file with yourself in order to can fix it in such situations. Apart from this, it’s worthwhile taking care of such situations don’t happen, so swallow A+E vitamins, or other preparations which work beneficially on our nails condition, use also special conditioners with vitamins.

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