4 pieces of advice how to protect clothes against damage

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Unfortunately, everything ages with the time- also clothes, especially those favourite. However, you can extend their live by following a few simple rules. How to protect your clothes against damage in order to enjoy their look longer? Here are some tips.

Bet on the quality

During shopping, don’t pay attention only to the colour, cut, size and price of clothes. If you can’t assess it on your own, look at the price tag and check of which fabric they are made. Don’t even consider buying clothes of material which rips already on the hanger. Buy only things made properly. Remember, you don’t always have to spend a fortune on good quality clothes. Maybe instead of the popular chain of stores, go sometimes to the second hand, where very often for the ridiculous money you can get a real treasure.

Invest in the base

There is a group of clothes, which will never go out of fashion and are composed perfectly with many other cuts – for such things it’s really not worth to skimp money. They should be in the best quality, because you’ll wear them often. What kind of clothes are they? First of all, the pair of decent, well-fitted jeans with straight legs, without redundant accessories, white shirt with classic cut, the cardigan in subdued colour, pencil skirt, elegant jacket, elegant, black trousers with the crease, cashmere sweater. Don’t spend too much money for clothes, which are all the rage, and probably for some time the worn of them will be a great fashion boob.

Grooming is essential

Do you want to learn how to protect clothes against the damage? You can find the answer on the tag, so don’t underestimate the recommendations, which have been placed on it. You will get to know from the tags, among others, in which temperature the fabric should be washed, whether it can be washed in washing machine or better in hand or chemically, how to dry and iron it. Comply with these rules scrupulously, thanks to it you can be sure that your clothes will look like new for a long time.

How to store?

Very important is also the way in which you store your clothes. The hangers wasn’t created without reason – the clothes carelessly rolled up and thrown anyhow can be deformed and will never return to the old cut. Replace the wire and plastic hangers with the wooden one. Very delicate fabrics put on hangers, covered with nice, fleshy sponge.

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