4 pieces of advice how to match the perfumes

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Author: | Cosmetics

Many of women are spending entire years in order to find the smell of their dreams, very well fitted them. Competent matching the perfumes isn’t so simple, after all. However, abiding to the below-mentioned pieces of advice, we are a hundred per cent sure, that we will find perfumes just ideal for us.

Neutralize the smell

Not every one of us knows, that already after checking 3 smells, our nose isn’t able to assess the next perfumes as they really are. The smell of the coffee, which will neutralize previously smells will be helpful. So it is worthwhile taking the bag of the fresh grinded coffee with yourself to the drugstore.

Learn it the hard way

In every drugstore, we will find strips of paper, being used to try perfume samples. However, it’s better to get to know the smell at the own skin. The same fragrance, left on the paper and the skin can be completely different.

Try the smell out in practice

Matching the perfumes should be a long-term activity. It’s good to take the sample home and to assess after some time, whether the smell certainly suits us. If you don’t have a sample, go to the drugstore, sprinkle yourself with chosen perfume behind the ears and go outside. After a few hours, you will be able to assess, whether this smell is for you.

Match the perfume to your personality

With the optimist personality the fruit smells with the note of the freshness, or with the green tea will be harmonize perfectly. However, persons with the calm, romantic nature should choose flower perfume.

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