4 pieces of advice how to match shoes to work

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

If you haven’t attached the importance so far to which shoes you should put on to work, it’s time to change it. Shoes are very important part of stylization. Even if you sit at the desk whole day and your shoes actually aren’t noticeable , they must be suited the occasion. We advise how to match shoes to work in order to not make the fashion boob.

Sports footwear

Even, if you love sports style, the work in the office obligates. Excluded are any plimsolls, trainers and sneakers, especially if the rest of the stylization is elegant and this style is preferred in your company. We understand that you want to feel comfortable in your shoes, but the office is not a playground. So replace your favourite trainers with much more elegant and equally comfortable ballet pumps.


The rage, i.e. the wedges, it’s also not appropriate footwear to work. Especially, if these shoes have also uncovered toes or heels, or both. If you necessarily want to put on the wedges, they should be low, preferably leather and elegant. Don’t wear shoes with a “woven” buskin, they look great for summer stylization, but not in the office!


Do not exaggerate with the height of heels. Leave the sky-high heels for a party or on a date. To the office wear a heel no higher than 7 cm.

Summer in the office

No matter how hot it would be outside, you can’t wear to the office shoes, which you usually wear in summer – slides, flip-flops, sandals, shoes with uncovered toes and / or heels. In an elegant, office outfit in those shoes you’ll look simply unprofessional. So you’d better put on comfortable, preferably leather court shoes or ballet pumps.

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