4 pieces of advice how to look feminine and attractive

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

You don’t need to wear sky-tight stilettos, ultra-short skirts and necklines reaching the navel in order to look feminine. Just get to know a few simple rules to feel more self-confident in your skin. If you want to know how to look feminine and attractive, necessarily read our hints.

Fit your outfit to your figure

Choosing the clothes, don’t follow only the prevailing trends, but whether the cut fit your figure. It may turn out that what is now on top, painfully highlights the shortcomings of your silhouette, and hides its advantages. However, it should be quite contrarywise. So look at your figure acutely and evaluate what should be covered up, and what emphasize. If you are not able to look at yourself objectively, ask your friend for help.

Bet on the colour

If you wore clothes in a rather dark, depressing colors so far, time to change it! Of course, we don’t force you to radical change of your style, in which you feel good. If you like dark colours, you don’t have to resign from them, but maybe it’s worth to diversify the outfit with cheerful, colourful accent? Skillfully matched accessories can completely change the creation. Consider recently very fashionable pastels and juicy, neon colours.


The next step to how to look feminine and attractive, is to take care of your hairstyle. It’s not true that only long hair is feminine. The short haircuts also have a lot of charm, and they additionally expose the neck perfectly. In order to your hair look attractive, you have to take care of their health and condition. So what, that the hair is long, if it’s damaged, fluff up and are unpleasant to the touch? Admit that the touch of silky, well-conditioned hair is sensuous, not to mention their beautiful look. So don’t forget about using the conditioners and masks, from time to time visit the hairdresser. Or maybe do you treat yourself a new colour?


Skillfully make-up can work true miracles, highlighting the face strengths and hiding any imperfections. If you want to your face always look beautiful, fresh and radiant, use a good foundation, perfectly fitted to your skin tone. Emphasize the eyelashes with eyelash curler and mascara, choose the eye shadow, which will match the colour of your iris. Don’t forget to emphasize the mouth. The lip gloss will be enough for daily use, and in the evening you can use more bold colours.

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