4 pieces of advice how to look elegant every day

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The elegance of many of us is associated with the solemn occasions, but under this term hides not only stiff suits and evening dresses. You can look elegant once in a blue moon. Here are some pieces of advice, thanks to which you find out how to look elegant everyday.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress, which will never go out of fashion, and is very versatile – it can be worn for virtually any occasion. It’s suitable for both the splendid reception, and for meeting with friends. The key is in the accessories, with which you colour the little black dress. Replace a diamond necklace with the interesting pendant and little clutch with capacious little case and elegant every day set is ready.


Another clothes, which we can wear with everything and everywhere – jeans. Just one note – they should be as simple as possible. The classic is synonym with elegance, also in this case. How to look elegant in jeans every day? It’s so easy! Just swap the T-shirt for the shirt, and trainers for high-heels.


The jacket is very fashionable part of clothing in recent seasons. The days of stiff, dark jackets with shoulder pads has passed long time ago. Today, the hottest cut is this long one, with rolled up sleeves, stylized on boyish. It’s a very simple way to smuggle into your daily stylization the note of elegance – this jacket will match well both with jeans and sleek trousers, trainers and court shoes, the shirt and T-shirt. Everything depends on the occasion and your tastes.


Skillfully chosen accessories can change beyond all recognition a lot of stylizations. Bet on the high quality shoes and handbag, preferably from leather. Wear an elegant jewellery, but without exaggeration – diamonds are not a good choice for every day, they are permitted only in the engagement ring.

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