4 pieces of advice how to get dressed to work in hot weather

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Summer came, and a beautiful, sunny weather and fire, pouring from the sky with it. And how can you get dressed to work and don’t look like in the way to the beach? In summer, it’s very easy to make a fashion boob in the office. We advise, therefore, how to get dressed to work in hot weather.

Don’t expose your legs (too much)

The elegant versions of miniskirts and shorts are acceptable at work, but only when the thick, opaque tights accompany them. In summer, especially when the heat waves are overwhelming, it’s not possible to put on the thick tights. But even if you have top model figure, a big faux pas is to come to work in a short skirt or shorts, put on the bare legs. Therefore, it’s better to put on the skirt of ” more polite ” midi or maxi length. If it comes to shorts, the knee-length or slightly in front of the knee length is valid . Don’t even think of putting to work ultrashort, denim shorts on!

Hide the neckline

The blouse with a low neckline or revealing the back or belly is definitely not a method for how you should dress up to work in hot weather. Also bare shoulders are not welcome. However, it doesn’t mean that in summer you have to come to work in turtle-neck. Preferably, choose a shirt with short sleeves, made of breathable, natural material. You can put on the cut without arms, but then you have to throw on your shoulders a thin sweater.


Generally, in the office the best are neutral tones, and bright, saturated colours are rather unwelcome. However, you can smuggle a little bit of more vivid colours in the form of an accessories – jewellery or handbags. They shouldn’t be red, lacquered stilettos. In this summer, very fashionable are pastels – for example, light, mint green, and delicate powder pink. So you have a very wide range of possibilities when it comes to colouring of your office outfit.


An office is not a beach. So leave at home the flip-flops, slides or sandals. However, if it comes to peep toe type of shoes, or shoes, which exposing the heel, every company has different rules. But remember, if you decide on the peep toe type of shoes, the heel must remain covered, and vice versa. Also beware of the height of heels, or buskin. If you prefer flat shoes, choose the sleek ballet pumps or a super comfortable and fashionable in this season moccasins.

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