4 pieces of advice how to get dressed for a first date

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The first date is a very important event in the life of every woman, so it is natural that we want to look stunning. However, it’s important to obey some very important rules in order to charm the man by our appearance. Here are some pieces of advice how to get dressed for a first date.

The magic of “first impression”

Even if the men had already seen you before, on your first date you have a chance to elicit a second “first impression”. Remember that your dress should express you – don’t wear clothes, in which you feel bad, in order to impress a man. Believe me, your discomfort will be visible, and self-confidence will escape quickly.

The charm of mystery

Remember, the imagination is more stimulated by what is hidden than what is “given on a tray.” Don’t wear super-short, miniskirts and necklines reaching the navel – you don’t want to look vulgar. First date happens only once and you don’t countermand the impression, which you elicited by your clothes. Nobody forbids you to wear blouses with neckline, it is even desirable, but it shouldn’t be too low. If it comes to the skirt, the best length is just above the knee. This skirt definitely doesn’t reveal more than you want to, when you are sitting down.

The essence of femininity

If you have no idea how to dress for a first date, reach for the dress! It is widely known that men more like women in a dress than in trousers. Even if the man with whom you are going on a date, had met you, dressed up in jeans and a T-shirt, maybe it’s worth showing him your romantic side. Of course, if you don’t like to wear skirts and dresses every day, don’t force yourself to them – the most important is that you feel comfortable and free. And if you choose the dress – remember, that it should be fitted perfectly to your figure type. Enhance all of your strengths and weaknesses in with suitable cut


The colour of your dress is also very important. Don’t get dressed entirely in the black, because you’re not going to the funeral. The risky choice is also red, it may be too provocative colour on the first date. Generally, it is better to avoid the grim and very intense, vibrant colours. However, it is worthwhile to bet on, the most fashionable in this season, pastels – they are delicate and romantic, just perfect for a special occasion, which the first date is!

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