4 pieces of advice how to conceal a massive calves

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you think that your calves are thick and not very feminine? Don’t worry about it! There are plenty of clothes cuts and shoes, thank to which you will conceal this flaw. Do you want to learn how to conceal massive calves? Here are some suggestions.

Highlight the strengths

Divert the attention from the calves. Highlight in your figure only what you think is the most attractive. Maybe have you got nice, round breast, feminine waistline or nice arms? Wear cuts and accessories which will accentuate it. Thanks to it, no one will pay attention to your calves.


How to conceal the massive calves with trousers? Avoid skinnies, leggings and other tight-fitted cuts. Choose loose, straight trousers or trouser with slightly extended legs, preferably made of soft fabric. Perfect for you will be Sweden, which recently returned to the fashion.


The best cut for you is a skirt in the shape of the letter A, extending downwards, the knee-length. You’ll also look great in the lately super popular long, chiffon skirt. Don’t wear narrow, tight-fitting skirts because your calves will look even more massive.


You already know how to conceal the calf with the outfit. Now it’s time to choose the right footwear. Don’t wear shoes with uppers, reaching the middle of the calf. The best choice for you will be court shoes, wedges, or long boots with close-fitting upper. Resign from the use of extend upwards musketeer, because they optically even more thicken the calf. Wear high-heels, however it shouldn’t be stilettos but a bit wider heel, which will be more proportional to the calves. Don’t wear shoes with a strap around the ankle, which will visually shorten and thicken the legs.

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