4 pieces of advice how to choose the perfect beach bag

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

As you know, a bag is a real treasury for every woman. We don’t move anywhere without it – even on vacation. In the end you need to hold somewhere all the necessary trivia. Do you want to get to know how should the perfect bag for the beach look like? Here are our suggestions.


At the begging, think, what exactly should be in your beach bag. For sure, it will be a big beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, cosmetics protected against the sun, hair brush, water bottle, a snack, a book and a whole bunch of other stuff. Much of it, right? Your daily bag certainly won’ hold all of it, besides it doesn’t match your beach stylization. The beach bag should be therefore large and roomy.


Since we already established the size, now we should determine the material, of which the perfect bag for the beach should be made. Plastics and other synthetic materials will fall off. Under the influence of high temperatures they will warm up in express time and you could successfully fry an egg on them. The best are natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, straw, wicker. The material should not be too heavy, at the end, the bag contents will already have little weight, and you come on the beach in order to rest, not to bear. So instead of wondering, from which you should resign, look for a slight bag!


If it comes to shape, in this season very fashionable are wicker baskets, which can be worn both in hand and on the shoulder. The best are those, which have extra pockets for small items. Inside the pockets are redundant, but pockets will be useful, for example, to hide in them keys, or small changes for ice creams or drinks. Equally fashionable, as baskets are large, canvas shoulder bags and mesh bags. Pay attention to the bag handles, if it is meant to be worn on the shoulder – perfectly if they will be adjustable. If they aren’t, try on the bag necessarily before you buy it and check if it fits.


Which colour should have the perfect bag for the beach? Very fashionable are pastel colours and typically sailors colours- white, red, navy blue. Also safari shades will be very good – beige, khaki, cream, or the typical colours of summer, such as blue, yellow, orange, lime.

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