4 pieces of advice how to choose the handbag to the silhouette type

Posted: October 7th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Do you know that the handbag, which you carry has an impact on the appearance of your silhouette? Skillfully matched cut will help you to bring out the strengths and hide any weak points of your figure. Do you want to learn how to choose a handbag to the body type? Here are some tips.

Size does matter

Are you rather petite woman? Don’t choose large handbags, especially bags, which will make you look even smaller than you are. Decide on a small or medium size handbag. However, the ladies with apple type shapes should avoid like the plague the clutch bags, which will optically add them a few pounds. The large handbags also aren’t suitable. The medium size is optimal. Just perfect are long, rectangular models, which will visually slim and lengthen the silhouette.

Large breast

How to choose a handbag to body type, if you have quite big breasts? Wear a large handbag on the shoulder, located at about hip level. Trendy handbag – post handbag is just ideal for you!

Wide hips

In this situation, you should act opposite than in the previous case – look for the handbags with a short strap or handle, which you will carry under your arm, at the height of your breast. You will attract attention of the looking people to the upper body and no one will notice unnecessary centimeters in the circumference of your hips.

Slim and tall silhouette

People who are very thin and tall, choosing the handbag, should devote special attention to its size. The handbag in oversize style will be a real blue sky . This contrast will greatly highlight the shapes of the figure Tiny clutch bag, which will draw attention to tall height and slim figure, will also look great. However, with mid-sized handbag the slim person can look just vaguely.

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