4 Make Up Tips for Teenagers

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Is believed that young teenagers’ face does not need make-up and usually that is the case. However, there is nothing wrong in a delicate, toned down makeup, it will help to highlight the natural, girlish charm. Teenagers often have a tendency to exaggeration and disfigure their face with a strong makeup. So let’s learn how teens can avoid this.


A great alternative to severe underlay and powders are light moisturizing-toning. These conceal perfectly and moisturize the skin, giving it a delicate flavor, perfectly matching the natural skin tone. It is an ideal option for teens, because the effect looks very natural. There is nothing worse than an artificial, hard mask of powder on the face of a teenager.


Delicate blush will revitalize the face. However it has to be applied skilfully otherwise it will look artificial and come out funny, like a porcelain doll. If we have a natural blush, blusher is not needed.


To highlight the eyes, just use mascara, suited to the type of beauty. Better to use brown on brightly rimmed eyes. Older teenagers can use the shadows and eye pencils, but in moderation. Ideally, you your eyeshadows will be in neutral colors such as pink, beige or graphite. Make up for teenagers can emphasize thin, delicate line on the upper lash line, but with small eyes, it is not advisable. While checking the inside edge of the lower eyelid with white chalk will optically enlarge the eye.


For a young lady it is enough to highlight the lips with a light, colorless or light pink lip gloss or care stick. Opaque lipsticks are definitely not an appropriate way to prepare make up teenagers.

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