4 home-made solutions for the pimples

Posted: August 11th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Not everyone believes in the efficacy of natural medicine in the fight against the skin problems. But the fact is that some home-made solutions for pimples have been successfully used for centuries and they often produce even better results from those obtained with a variety of cosmetics.

Herbal “steam bath”

We put dried herbs or baggies with express herbs such as chamomile, sage, or lime to the pot with boiling water. We incline the face over this mixture and we cover the head with a towel. We stay over those fumes a few minutes. Such treatment in a very effective solution for skin purifying.

Home tonic

Simple, self-prepared cosmetics are great home solutions for the pimples. One of them is chamomile tonic. With the glass of distilled boiling water, we pour about 10 grams of chamomile. We leave the mixture under the cover to cool, we strain and use to wash the face twice a day.


This aromatic therapy is not only very pleasing to the senses, but also extremely effective in the fight against the acne. With the skin problems on your back, we will manage without problem, taking a bath in warm water with few drops of essential oil of tea, cinnamon, or sage.


Effective home-made solutions for pimples are a common aloe poultice. One should cut its leaves and take out the juice together with pulp. The improvement is seen after 2 days of use, and after 2 weeks your skin will be clearly smooth and cleaned, with no pimples.

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