4 fabrics for summer heat

Posted: October 6th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

There is nothing worse in the summer, hot day than clothes sticking to the skin. If you also hate that feeling, in summer you should wear clothes, made only of appropriate fabrics. Here are the best fabrics for the summer heat.


It’s the most popular, and one of the most sweat absorbing fabric. Clothes made from cotton are light, airy and comfortable, and what is equally important – cheap. For sure you will feel comfortable in them on a hot day.


Viscose fibers are derived from the mass of cellulose wood. Viscose is very soft and very pleasant to the touch, like silk. It has antiseptic properties and does not stick to the sweaty body and perspiration stains are invisible on it.


Listing the fabric on the summer heat, we cannot forget about the linen. It’s natural, light and very airy fabric. The fibers absorb moisture very well. So wearing the linen clothes will give you a huge sense of comfort. Linen is very durable, so clothes made from it can serve you for years.


Delicate fiber, very pleasant to the touch is synonym of luxury and elegance. Soft, shimmering in the sun silk clothes present beautifully, and moreover, they’re very comfortable to wear.

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