4 easy solutions for the square face makeup

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The square face is the face in which its length is equal to ots width. The most often the characteristic mark is also prominent bone of the jaw. Owner of this face often complain that they face is too massive and too little feminine. In the art of make-up there is no impossibilities. The makeup for a square face is simple and can cause that this shape of face instead of a nuisance, can be an asset.

Use two foundations

The most important element in mitigating the shape of a square face is a skillfully application of the two shades of foundation, one should be a tone lighter than your natural skin color, and the second should be one tone darker. The dark one should be applied on both sides of the forehead and jaw, and with the brighter we emphasize the chin, cheeks and nose.

Correction of the high forehead

This kind of face is often characterized by a very high forehead. If its owners aren’t fringe amateur, there is a cosmetic trick to optically “lower” it. To do this, it is necessary to light up the center of the forehead with brighter powder, while the darker one we apply near the hair line, drawing the line with it and precisely rubbing it.


To complete the make-up for square face, it is good to apply the rouge to the cheeks. In order to face take more pleasant softness, we apply the rouge in slightly different way – not the centrally to cheekbones, but a little bit below.


With the square face, the medium length eyebrows compose well. At the regulation, it is the best to gently bend them towards the temple, to the middle of the ear.

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