4 easy solutions for the make up for round faces

Posted: August 12th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The round face owners often have complexes because of it . Unnecessary, because even a very thin girls have sometimes too rounded cheeks. Using a few simple cosmetic tricks for makeup for a round face, you can make your face will seem much thinner.


Use two foundations

It is not the point to create a double, a thick mask, covering the face. Using two fluids with similar shades (preferably a tone darker and a tone lighter than your skin tone) optically change the shape of the face. For this purpose, we apply a darker foundation on the outside part of the cheeks, while with the lighter one we cover the forehead and chin. For even better results we can apply rouge on the cheeks, remembering to do it always at the slant, along the cheekbone.

Make nose slimmer

In a similar way as the face, we can slim down too wide nose. Simply we apply lighter powder under the eyes and along the nose line, while with the darker one we emphasize the sides of the nose. Powder should be applied very carefully, in order to become almost invisible. This simple trick allows you to not only slim your nose down, but also brighten up the look.

Pastel mouth

To complete the make-up for a round face, we apply on the lips a lip gloss in a subdued pastel color. The brighter, the lips will seem more prominent and will nicely compose with slimmer oval face. But if we want to slim down too full lips, we make-up them in the corners with darker lipstick, and the center we brightens with lighter lipstick.

Natural eyebrows

By the round face, eyebrows are very important. Too thin eyebrows extend the face, they cannot be also too broad and bushy. The best solution is to pluck them very carefully, staying with their natural shape.

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