3 ways to wear shorts

Posted: October 27th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Beautiful, sunny weather encourages to reveal your body by wearing short, summer clothes. A great way to expose sleek, tanned legs are short shorts. Meet the most fashionable ways to wear shorts.


Most, denim mini shorts look best in the company of more loose, oversized shirts and tops. Fashionable mini shorts cuts are those “destroyed” – with cut legs and frayed and in a more elegant, with cuffs. The latter look great with the buttons fastened, loose shirt with short sleeves or recessed into the top and unbuttoned, long shirt. Also try the hottest hit of the season – ombre jeans.


Lace shorts are the latest fashion. They are best presented in an elegant version – with sunken in, not fitting body top and jacket. Elegant, subdued colors fit this the best – and above all fashionable pastels! High heels or wedges will complement it all. Please note that no other item of clothing should have lace inserts – alternatively, you can afford a fine addition to this motive.

Shorts and type of figure

Here are some easy ways to wear shorts that will help you highlight strengths and hide your weaknesses. If you have a boyish figure, choose pants with frills, large pockets on the sides or lace to “conjure” fuller hips. If you have the opposite problem – you want to hide unwanted inches around the hips, you should wear loose shorts cuts, preferably in dark colors and not too short. Do you have short legs? Shorts with high bodice will be perfect for you, as they will further emphasize your waist. If you wear shorts to such high-heeled shoes – you’ll have a leg up to the neck! Shorts with a higher bodice are also ideal for those with a slightly protruding belly.

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