3 ways to wear coloured trousers

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

The trousers in juicy colours are a real hit of the forthcoming season. No matter, whether they are skinny trousers, or loose harem trousers, whether they have simple, straight trousers legs. This summer, your trousers need to be distinguished by colour. Do you want to know with which wear coloured trousers ? You will find the answer below.

Classic colours

The easiest way to wear such virulently coloured trousers is to combine them with the classic colours. It refers, of course, to black and white, which always match perfectly with everything. Black or white blouse will look great both with red, cobalt, and with the yellow trousers.

Neutral colours

Neutral grays or beiges are another “safe” colours, with which you can combine coloured trousers. However, they don’t match with everything, just like black and white, so you have to be careful. Grey will look great with a deep purple, but with hot red a little worse.

Contrasting colours

So-called colour blocking, i.e. combining of the colours, which, on the surface, do not match together. It’s a proposal for the bravest and the most proficient fashionable women. Here, it’s easy to make a boob. So you can combine red with an intense cobalt, orange with purple, yellow with fuchsia. If you do not like such an explosion of colours on your clothes, consider the contrasting accessories- in the form of jewellery, shoes and bags.

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