3 ways to tame your hair

Posted: December 27th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Thanks to our tips on taming your hair, even the most unruly hair will turn into your dream hairstyle. See for yourself that this is possible.

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Today drug products are available thanks to which you can literally sculpt the hair, just like in the clay. The hair becomes extremely plastic, for example, through the fibrous paste, rubber, and clay. Pasta fiber, despite its complicated name, is extremely easy to use. Just apply a small portion of the cosmetic on your hand, rub it vigorously and then open and close your hands, holding them above your head. In this way microfiber contained in the paste will fall on your hair, softening it and facilitating its smooth style.


Your hair is devoid of beautiful, healthy glow? There are also solutions for this. If you have thick hair, choose the rinse aid stick, if thin, opt for the spray. Thanks to this you will not weigh your hair down and stick it. For hair of normal thickness wax or gel cosmetics are recommended.


You can also find cosmetics for dry and puffy hair. It is, for example, liquid silk, or smoothing cream that will not only allow you to smooth out the band, but also nourish hair and add them to glow.

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