3 ways to take care of the body in the bath

Posted: December 26th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

It turns out that in addition to relaxing properties, bathing your body can bring other benefits as well. Explore the healing properties of the bath, which you can use in the privacy of your own bathroom. Here are some proven and simple ways to take care of your body while bathing.


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Do you have trouble sleeping? Or maybe you just need a good solution for soothing nerves? In both cases, check the herbal relaxing bath. For the preparation of such therapy you will need a handful of selected herbs for soothing properties (such as mint, lavender, jasmine, rose, lilac flower). These herbs can mix with each other in any composition. Brew the mixture and add it to a bath tub, filled with water.

For smoothing the skin

Do you dream of perfectly smooth skin? A great way to take care of the body in the bath is to add wheat bran to the tub. Prepare a kilogram of bran. Boil them in a linen bag for about an hour. The resulting solution is ready to be added to the bath.

For digestion

With a properly prepared bath you can even overcome stomach problems. In this case the results are best when using alternatively both cold and hot water. This bath is also useful to those wishing to lose a few pounds.

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