3 ways to slow down the hair growing back

Posted: October 13th, 2012 | Author: | Haistyle

Every one of us wants to have a smooth body, without unnecessary hair in some its parties. However, the regular depilation is onerous, the more it’s necessary to often repeat this treatment. However, there are some ways to slow down the hair growing back.


In the drugstores, you can purchase special lotions, containing extracts from soya in their compositions. It has properties, which slowing the hair growing back. However remember, that if you already decide on such lotion, in order to notice results, you must apply it regularly.


Included in the soya fitoestrogeny are a natural equivalent of the oestrogen. As we know, the oestrogen is a female hormone, and testosterone is a male hormone and exactly this hormone is responsible for the hirsutism. So eat a lot of soya products, in this way you will weaken the effect of this hormone a little bit. Soya is moreover very healthy and is in many products. You can decide on the soya milk, soya butter, soya sauce, and even on soya cutlets, or soya pâté.


You can get the preparation in the pharmacy without the prescription. It’s task is to slow down the hair growing back. Apart from that, it helps to moisten and to soothe the irritations, which were created during depilation, it’s also completely safe for the skin. Of course, persons with the sensitive skin with the tendency to allergy should carry the test out earlier. The preparation is available in the form of cream, as well as spray.

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