3 ways to prepare make up for a brunette

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Brunettes usually can take pride in their dark markings around their eyes, and if their skin is excellent, makeup may seem quite unnecessary. However, with it your can enahce your natural beauty. Appropriate ways to prepare make up for brunette will be helpful in this respect.

Makeup for a “cool brunette”

This type of beauty is characterized by high contrast between hair color and complexion. The skin is generally pale or porcelain, and hair dark brown or black. The iris is brown, blue, light or dark, rarely green. With this type of beauty it is best to choose a primer in the cold shades of beige, and it’s better to avoid shades of gold and peach. Eye makeup should be either very intense (eg, green, violet), or sober, selected paragraphs makeup. However, note that if you decide for delicate eye shadow, you should strongly emphasize the lips. However, it is best to choose bold colors. Blusher on the cheeks should emphasize the cold type of beauty, it is best to choose cosmetics in shades of tea rose, dark brown or even red. The brunette’s lips are bound for coloring with strong colors like red, intense pink and purple.

Makeup for a “warm brunette”

This type of appearance has a beautiful, golden or olive skin tone, usually goes hand in hand with brown or hazel iris of the eye. Makeup for brunette with looks of this type should highlight her best feature, which is undoubtedly warm complexion. Choose a foundation that is perfectly combined with the color of the skin. It may seem superfluous, but try to impose at least a thin layer, because it is a perfect base for makeup. On the cheeks and temples put a bronzer, which will help to give skin a healthy and natural look. The eyelids can result in shades of brown and gold, which will perfectly harmonize with the tone of the skin. If we want to further emphasize the iris, select the shadows pale yellow, green and blue. For warm skin tones match the lipstick in orange, coral and red.

Evening make-up

The make up described here is perfect for the evening for a black-haired woman with brown eyes. Start preparing the make up with the application of undercoat, selected to the shade of the complexion. Next mask shadows under your eyes with a concealer, administering a bit to eyelids. Sprinkle everything gently with loose powder so that the make-up holds on really long. Next underline the eyebrows with matte bronze. Administer the dark grey shadow in the outside corner of the eye and in bending of the eyelid, chafing it towards the internal corner. Put the intense, turquoise shadow on the centre of the eyelid. WitChaf the border between shadows with a brush. Paint the internal corner of the eye with a bright, opalescing shadow. Carry the line out on the upper eyelid with a back eyeliner, right near the line of eyelashes. Emphasize the line of the bottom eyelashes. Apply the mascara carefully to your eyelashes. Stress cheeks with a blush turned down, and dye the lips with a pastel-pink lipgloss which nicely will be juxtaposed with the eye make-up.

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