3 ways to keep your tan

Posted: December 26th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

As you know, everything that is beautiful, eventually comes to an end. This is true also in the case of summer tan, which quickly loses its color. What can you do to stop this beautiful keepsake after the summer as long as possible? You will learn by reading our ways to maintain a tan.

3 ways to keep your tan

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One of the easiest and healthiest ways to maintain your tan that you regularly use tanning or bronzing lotion. Rely on gel cosmetics as they refresh the skin and do not leave unsightly streaks on it, as in the case of self-tanning cream pigment. However, the effect depends on which shade your tan is. It’s clear that if you have a fair complexion, which tans in red, you should resign from self tanning and use a very mild tonic cream.


Lighten up your tan to look even more beautiful. Ideally your tan or cream bronzer has gold particles. If not, buy it at the drugstore and sprinkle beautifully tanned body with it. Apply it on top of the cheekbones and watch how it refreshes your beautifully tanned face.


If your goal is to maintain a tan, you have to ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated every day. Beautiful brown hue disappears with exfoliated skin.

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