3 ways to keep your tan on your face

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Summer tan is beautiful, but extremely unstable, especially on the face. What can I do to have it longer? Meet our ways to keep your tan on his face.

3 ways to keep your tan on your face

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Airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning is not only safe to the skin, which cannot be said of the lamps in the solarium, but also ensures that it is deeply moisturized and nourished. Soft, brown mist allows you to achieve a lovely, even tan with a natural color. Golden-brown color will remain on your face for about 10 days. To achieve the best and most durable effect, it is recommended to perform the procedure using a thorough facial scrub.

Tanning creams

Currently on the market there is a wide range of various lotions, creams and bronzers. It is a relatively fast, cheap and safe way to get a beautiful, golden tan. Make sure to do a peeling so that cosmetics are better absorbed into the skin.


The ideal way to keep your tan on the face is a bright make-up. How to do it? Start with a light foundation in a shade darker than your skin tone. Now sprinkle loose face powder to consolidate the makeup. Now apply brightening bronzer powder. Apply it with a brush on cheekbones and neckline. Apply it also on facial elements that tan quickly, the forehead, nose and chin. Highlight the eyes with brown eyeliner or a pencil. When it comes to shades, choose warm colors: browns, beiges, oranges. Highlight lips soft gloss.

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