3 ways to decorate the trousers

Posted: October 3rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Self-decorating of clothes can make a lot of fun and pleasure. The popular ways to decorate your clothes are: clothes hand-painting, sewing on sequins, sewing on individual decorative elements.

Shiny paints with brocade

They are mainly used to decorate denim clothes and also garments from different kinds of fabrics. Such paints can be also used to decorate wooden boxes and caskets for jewellery and other objects storing, which absorb the paints intended for materials painting.


The sequins have to be sewn on very carefully and firmly. Using sequins, you can create on the fabric very interesting and decorative patterns.

Artificial flowers and bows

To the children’s trousers you can sew on single artificial flowers, or bows made of material. The trousers decorated in this way will look very ornamentally.

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