3 ways to decorate the body

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Our body is a real work of art in itself; however we can still emphasize more its beauty by decorating it with ethnic pictures, gold-coloured grains or colourful stickers. Just get to know a few simple ways of decorating the body in order to dazzle everyone with its unique beauty.


Henna is a popular way of decorating your body among others in India or Egypt. However there is nothing wrong with bringing only a pinch of oriental culture in the form of this beautiful powder into our reality. It is possible to buy a classical powdered henna or in the form of a ready paste. Henna is being placed on the body with a thin brush. After about 15 minutes powder is removed from the skin, presenting the full effect. For people not skilled with their hands, at the beginning henna as a coloured pencil will be useful. It is far more comfortable and it is far easier to make create a precise picture. One should remember that henna remains on the skin quite long, about two weeks. If you want to achieve a short-lived effect, you can use coloured pencils for eyes or a eyeliner. Before that, however, it is necessary to clean the body and to drain it with a towel, the skin cannot be greasy.
For facilitation you can sketch the formula with ordinary soft coloured pencil, and only then to cover the sketch with henna. If you want to achieve a really professional effect, it is worthvisiting a beauty salon. The tattoo of henna can also be a dress rehearsal before making the real tattoo.


The skin stroked with gold looks really beautiful and tempting. Proper bronzing and lightening up beauty treatments, fitted to the needs and the complexion, are a splendid way to decorate the body. A real summer heat are illuminators in spray which can be applied both to the body and to hair. For dry skin the best solution are mosturizing lotions with an opalescing glow. Those with greasy skinshould choose powders lightening up bronzing in a stone. Also oils with shimmering grains are giving a pretty, natural effect. One should however remember not to exaggerate the amount of the cosmetic. If putting a lotion on the body with golden grains, the best way is to do it directly after exfoliation. Lotion will blend then with skin and the effect will come out very naturally. However we will achieve the subtlest effect by mixing up cream with our favourite body lotion.


The very idea of putting stickers on the body can seem cheesy and childish, however with a bit of imagination and skills, effects will exceed your wildest expectations. It is necessary to remember that before sticking to the body the skin must be thoroughly cleaned and skimmed. The best way is to wipe the place which we want to decorate with a tonic water and drain it with a handkerchief. The choice of stickers is very wide, from colourful, crazy patterns, to elegant, subtle cubic zirconia and crystals. It is possible to stick them almost everywhere, however bear in mind to avoid places, where the skin is “movable”, that is for example on the neck. Stickers won’t continue long also in places where many sebaceous glands are

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