3 ways to choose the type of hair color to your looks

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

If you want to quickly and precisely change something in your appearance, the simplest way is the dyed hair. But the selection of the type of hair color is very important, this will allow you to avoid an appearance slip-up. So let’s get to know some ways to help you choose the most suitable shade for you.

The natural color

The first step is to consider how much we want to change our appearance. The most naturally looking change falls to 2-3 color tones darker or lighter than your natural color of r hair. Then ensure that the selected color will continue to match the color of your skin and eyes. You can also opt for an even smoother shift, in the form of a few highlights, the change is visible, but unobtrusive and natural.

The skin

This is the second important factor that defines our type of beauty. There are cold and warm skin tones. In order for the hair dye to come out naturally, you need to stay in your color scheme. The warm tone is one that falls into orange or yellow. Eyes and their binding is then generally darker. In such cases, a better bet is for honey shades of blonde, caramel browns, copper red, milk chocolate. Cool colors is a delicate complexion with pink pigment. Matching the skin color in this case means platinum, sand and beige blond, cool browns, dark red for hair.


The choice of hair color for the type of beauty is also connected with your eyes. Don’t allow natural color of your eyebrows to be strikingly different from dyeing colour of hair. But you can always change their color depending on the need with henna, or brighten with a special brightener.

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