3 ways to alter old clothes

Posted: October 8th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Altering clothes, of which you already get bored long time ago and they only lie in the wardrobe, is a great way to refresh your wardrobe. It’s also a great method for saving money up. Get to know a few ways for altering old clothes in order to, for the long time not worn clothes, conjure up the new, fashionable and unique outfits.


A summer is near, and you have no money for the summer blouse, or you are just saving up for holidays? Nothing easier, it will be sufficient to grub around in the wardrobe and find a few blouses with long sleeves, of which we get already bored and shorten their sleeves to the desirable length. They should be a bit longer in order to hem them. It’s also possible to completely change the sleeves, for example to cut them away and to sew the lace or the tulle on their place. Everything depends on our taste and imagination. We can also sew the fanciful ruffle onto the neckline.

Skirts and dresses

We can shorten longer skirts and dresses in order to conjure the summer outfits up from them. Also a good way is to decorate them. We can sew, for example frills or laces onto the straight skirt. However, it’s necessary to remember not to exaggerate with ornaments. If you have in your wardrobe the dress with the interesting model, but it’s built-up, it will be sufficient to shorten it or to cut its sleeves, or for example to cut the cut-low out in order to give it a bit of charm.


Shortening the trouser legs in long trousers are also the good ways to alter old clothes. You don’t have to spend money for summer, because you certainly have in your wardrobe long trousers or trousers threadbare on the knees of which you get already bored. The altering of the jeans into shorts is trivial, it will be sufficient to cut their trouser legs in order to receive always fashionable shorts with tassels. If we’re intent on more elegant shorts, it’s always possible to hem and roll them up, in this way we gain unusually elegant and fashionable shorts.

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