3 ways how to wear high-waisted trousers

Posted: October 4th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Trousers – hipsters already landed on the scrap heap long time ago . Now, high-waisted trousers came back on the top of the fashion hit list. They look great, and moreover, they help to shape a woman’s silhouette. How to wear this part of clothing?

Long tops

A longer tops, putted inside, goes well with the high-waisted trousers. However, choosing the right top, remember about the golden rule – if the bottom is loose, the top should be tight and vice versa. A good alternative for the long top is body – thanks to it you can be sure that the shirt will remain in the trousers.

Short tops

Now, the proposal for women who can boast of a slim figure and flat belly- combination in 80s’ style. The high-waisted trousers look very stylish in conjunction with short tops, both skin-tight and looser. However, the impeccable figure is absolute necessity in this stylization.


High-waisted trousers can be worn in both every day and elegant version. To the latter matches shirts both simple and those with jabot.

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