3 ways for the makepreparing make up to work

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At every work a specific dresscode is in force. It refers not only to clothes appropriate at our workplace, but also to make-up. In this case a principle of the less, the better prevails. However, it doesn’t mean that you should generally speaking give up from applying cosmetics altogether. It is sufficient to get to know a few simplest ways of preparing make up to work which will give us a discreet, elegant appearance.

Flawless skin

Fresh and flawless skin is our attribute. It’s good so to use light hiding undercoat, especially if our skin has greyish colours or discolourations. One should avoid undercoats which are lightening up your skin, matte ones are the best. So that your skin is not too shiny, it is possible to dust the face with loose powder. It is also necessary to administer undercoat cautiously and not to exaggerate with the amount used, otherwise your face will have an artificial, unaesthetic grimace look. If we think that we don’t have trouble with complexion, it will be sufficient to use cream toning down, it is possible to camouflage any shadows under your eyes with a concealer.


Applying mascara to your eyelashes correctly is of key importance, when it comes to wearing make-up at work. Essentially this is enough, and for women who like to underline their eyes should avoid artificiality. It is necessary so to change the eyeliner to the eye pencil, and replace dark or intense shadows with neutral beige or rouge. One should also remember that shadows should not contain glistening grains, such cosmetics should rather be used in the evening.


When it comes to lip make-up, it will be a good idea to apply lipstick or lipgloss in the tone similar to the natural colour of your lips. Also shades of beige and pink will be a good idea. Lipgloss should leave a gentle, satin sheen. The ones with grains shimmering in the light or intensively “wet surfaces” are perfect for the evening, rather than for work.

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