3 ways for the make up for a blonde

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Perfect make-up is one that is fitted to the type of appearance. Fair haired ladies and without make-up are simply invisible in the crowd. However a strong make-up does not always fit their gentle beauty. It will be sufficient to get to know a few simplest ways for make up for a blonde in order to enchant everyone with your beauty.

Emphasize more or less

After a thorough cleaning of the face and patting moistening cream on it, prepare the base for make-up of eyes, because they play the most important part in this make up. It’s best to put a cream concealer on eyelids and around eyes, masking the shadows under one’s eyes. Next cover the whole face with undercoat, fitted to our sort of complexion. Put the cold, salmon-pink shade of pink the cheek. Put a flesh-coloured shadow as the base on your eyelids. Mark both corners of the eye with a brown shadow, and rub its internal boundaries, using a sandy beige. Put the round stain of silver white on the centre of the eyelid. Chaf the colours with your fingers. In order to enlarge the eye even more, pull the inner part of the lower eyelid with a soft, white coloured pencil. Carefully apply mascara to your eyelashes. Put a cool shaded lipgloss on your mouth.

Day make-up

Gently cover the powdered face with a bit loose shimmer powder. Stroke your cheekbones with a blusher, it’s best to do it in a cool, salmon-pink shade. Definitely avoidblusher in colour brown or peach. Before putting on some eyeshadow to eyelids, use the special base, or wipe them with tonic water. Next on the upper eyelid distribute evenly yellow shadow. Dye the outside corners of the eyes with the apple green shadow. Underline the inner part of the lower eyelid with a white coloured pencil. Cover only upper eyelashes up, best with a brown mascara. Cover the lips with a soft lipgloss.

Evening make-up

Evening make-up for the blonde is a quite difficult task, as it cannot be too strong in order not to spoil the delicate, natural beauty. In the make up described here put emphasis more or less. Put the base on eyelids up for make-up, or dust them with powder so that shadows hold on better. Nextly, put a light undercoat, fitted to the complexion.Dye the internal corner of the eye with a purple, pearl shadow, cover the more distant part with a darker tone of purple. To the outside corner and for bending the eyelid put the brown shadow. Border should be chaffed with a bright, delicate shadow. Underline the line of eyelashes with the same shadow. With a dark violet coloured pencil form the line under the eye, but underline the inner part of the eye with a graphite coloured pencil. Finally applly mascara to our eyelashes thoroughly. At there strong underlining the eye, best to leave the mouth like most neutral.

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