3 ways for the dyed hair care

Posted: October 14th, 2012 | Author: | Haistyle

Right after dyeing your hair looks great, however with the time they’re losing their glitter and the color, they’re also much weaker. So get to know, how the dyed hair care should look like in order to allow keep their healthy and beautiful appearance.


It’s necessary to use shampoo, specially intended for dyed hair. Ingredients included in it allow to keep the obtained color for the long time. The supplement of extracts from plants protects the color from rinsing out, as well as they improvethe hair condition. At the hair washing, you have to remember not to use hot water. It causes opening the hair casings and it accelerate the rinsing out of the colours.


The proper dyed hair care means applying the conditioners. Not without reason they are attached to almost every packet with the hair dye. Their tasks is to extend the permanence of the colour and to strengthen the hair. In the chemist you have a lot of conditioners to choose. Remember to choose one, which is appropriate for your hair colour.


Once a week, use the mask, which will deepen the colour and will improve the condition of your hair. Choose the one, which is specially intended for dyed hair. You can also prepare such mask at home. If you have dark hair, decide on the mask made from shells of the walnut. In order to prepare it, chop up the green peel and nutshells, and then pour them with two glasses of water and the tablespoon of oil. Precisely mixed pulp apply on the hair and leave for the half an hour.

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