3 ways for safe hair colouring

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Every one of us dreams about having beautiful and gleaming hair, with a healthy looking colour. Not everyone however has such hair naturally, so the majority reaches for hair dyes. However we often choose them considering only a photograph on the package, forgetting about the fact that many paints contain ingredients, destructive to our hair. It is worth learning, how safe hair colouring should be done.


Apart from chemicals of used for hair dyeing, there are natural dyes applied for many years, acquired from plants exist. Henna is one of them. Not only she is safe for your hair, but also it is nourishing and has a strengthening effect. However henna is no trivial matter. We have a color selection here definitely poorer than whatthey offer us with chemical hair dyes, however contrary to what you may know there aren’t only dark colours. A vegetable dye exists, often described as henna. This dye is called senna and it has brightening properties, after prior preparing the blend with lemon. What’s more, it greatly nourishes your hair and has antibacterial effect. Hair coloring with henna however requires patience – it is necessary to keep the blend on hair from 3 up to 6 hours. It covers grey hair, if there isn’t too much grey hair and not necessarily after the first painting. One should not however become discouraged, as with a bit of skill and patience you will get desired effects, and your hair will be strong, gleaming and healthy.

Herbal infusions

Herbs from home medicine cabinet also have properties that emphasize the hair colour. It will be necessary to wait a bit for effects, however it is really worth. Not only you will deepen the natural colour of locks of hair, but also you will wonderfully nourish strengthen them. As regards hair in blonde colour, a camomile, a root of the rhubarb, or a rind of the lemon will lighten them up. If you want to deepen the colour of dark hair, shells of the walnut, as well as a salvia are irreplaceable, whereas the fieryness of red hair can be enhanced with red sandalwood.

Cosmetics for hair care

Special lines of hair care cosmetics for colour specific hair are the best alternative to hairdye, which damages hair. At the chemist we will find shampoos, conditioners, face masks, even hairsprays, whose purpose is safe hair dye. It is worth reaching for such cosmetics if you want to deepen the natural hair colour, as well as after dyeing them, because ingredients included in them will nourish your hair and will make their colour even more intense.

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