3 ways for preparing a party make up

Posted: October 18th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

When gearing up for a party, dedicating a lot of time for performing a spectacular make up. However, not always the effect comes out exactly as we expected. We also don’t often have an idea for the make up at all for an event. It is worth getting to know a few simplest ways and perhaps some of them will become your favourite.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes make up which gives the effect of a smoked look is unusually predatory and sensory, simply perfect for an evening outing. However not every one of us knows how to correctly prepare it. Begin this make up by outlining the eye near the line of eyelashes with a black coloured pencil. Next putting a black shadow on an entire surface of the mobile eyelid. At the place of bending of the eyelid cover the area with a grey shadow and chafe it carefully in order to get the effect of the smoked eyelid. The last step is a thorough mascara of the eyelashes. The look will be even more convex, if we take care of the proper make up of the eyebrow.

Peacock eye

If you’re fond of colourful make up, the “peacock’s eye” make up will be perfect for you. You can independently choose a favourite colour combination, here describing the make up in shades of yellow, green and navy blue. At first put the foundation on the face, do not miss the eyelids, and if you aren’t already using it, it is worth dusting your eyelids with a powder, make-up is then far more long-lasting. Nextly from the palette of shadows choose a lighter tone of yellow or white and put it in the internal corner of the eye. Next mark the more intense, yellow shadow a little bit farther than the bright one.

Now a time comes for the green shadow Cover the central part of the mobile eyelid with it. Then cover the outside corner of the eyelid with a dark blue shadow. Next step has to be performed gently: erase border between shadows with the finger or the brush. Open your eyes and underline the internal corner of the eye with yellow shadow, near the line of lower eyelashes, and pull the outside corner with dark blue. Here one should also level the border between shadows. In the end apply mascara carefully to our eyelashes.

Contrasting make up

Choosing a contrasting set of colours is a brave idea for the make up. For the base of such make up the bestchoice is to accept black colour, because in principle everything matches it. You can combine for example the black shadow with white, pink, green, gold. After putting on an eyeshadow in a chosen combination, it is worth underlining the look by drawing a line near the line of upper eyelashes with an eyeliner in the chosen colour. Next carefully apply mascara to your eyelashes. It is necessary to remember, that at with such expressive eye make up, it will be sufficient to gently stroke cheeks with a blusher and lips with soft lipgloss.

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