3 ways for homemade perfume

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Every one of us likes to smell nice, however, good perfume has its price. However, there are some ways, which will help us, in the simple and cheap way, to create pretty and above all unique smells.

Perfume from the flowers of the lilac

In order to keep the beautiful smell of these flowers for a long time, it will be sufficient to prepare fresh flowers of lilac, oil or olive oil, bowl, gauze, plate, teapot and the bottle for resultant perfume storing. We soak precisely cleaned and crushed flowers of the lilac in the heated high quality oil. It can be olive oil, almonds or jojoba. We pour as much oil, in order to cover the flowers in whole. We put it aside for 24 hours. After passing of this time, with the help of gauze, we strain flowers, firmly squeezing the oil. We heat the squeezed oil one more time and we add to it the fresh portion of flowers. We repeat the activity so long, until oil start to smell firmly. We pour the ready perfume to the tight bottle.

Flower – fruit perfumes

In order to prepare the flower – fruit perfume, we need the set of favourite essential oils, half a teaspoon of the distilled water, 5 teaspoon of vodka witht 80% concentration and the bottles for perfume storing, preferably of the brown glass. Now we allocate 15 drops of oil from the citrus group, 12 drops from flower group and 8 drops from the each other chosen floral and fruit oils, 4 drops of oil to the note of the base (for example a sandalwood, musk, vanilla, ambergris), 2 drops of other base oil. We combine one drop of each oils with alcohol, every time mixing it. We put the ready blend aside for 2 days. After this time, we slowly pour the distilled water. We mix it lightly and put the blend again aside into the cool and dark place, this time for 3 weeks. After this time, we must filter resultant perfumes, for example through the coffee filter and we pour it into the little bottle.

Fruit-tree perfumes

We need 5 teaspoons of the 80% vodka, half a teaspoon of the distilled water, 15 drops of the lemon oil, 5 drops of oil from the bitter orange, 10 drops of grapefruit oil, 10 drops of oil from lemon grass, 2 drops of benzoin oil, 3 drops of cedar tree oil and 5 drops of cypress oil. We join all ingredients in the way introduced in the previous solutions.

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