3 ways for girlish retro stylizations

Posted: September 30th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Fashion from past years comes back very often, and women willingly use clothes in this style. In these stylizations visible are: floral patterns, stripes, shimmering fabric. A lot of women very eagerly play with fashion, changing costumes.

Retro Coats

To the autumn, winter, spring coats in a retro style, women can choose an attractive handbag. The fashion hit are retro laptop bags. Retro outfits are always very feminine.

Partisan stylizations of women

The basis for such stylizations are: berets, hats and scarves in the dots. Also schoolgirl collar, loose sleeves are used. Interestingly look retro styled long coats.

Retro Accessories

Retro stylizations use: large and small handbags, feminine pumps, high boots.

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