3 ways for evening dresses

Posted: October 3rd, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Still fashionable are evening dresses with flounces, decorative flowers, embroideries, pearls and diamonds. Very elegant are satin dresses. With the dress you can very easily matched pretty bolero or jacket.

Dresses with bolero

In the traditional stores, in mail-order fashion catalogues you can order sets, which contain evening dress with bolero. Alternatively, you can also buy a bolero separately in order to join it to the outfit. Bolero with feathers and laces look very attractive.

Dresses with sashes

They are very suitable for various events and meetings, especially on New Year’s Eve and Carnival. Sashes look exceptionally elegant and decorative. They are attached to the dress in different places, for example on straps, near necklines.

Dresses with flounces

Evening dresses in pastel colours, with flounces, lining, flowers, leaves and other floral ornaments sewed on the flounces look very beautiful.

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