3 ways for a trendy and simple hair pin up

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In the daily rush we rarely have time to make a perfect hairdo. However, there are hairstyles that you can do even in 2 minutes, and you’ll look fashionable and chic. If you want to learn how to pin your hair in a fashionable and simple way, be sure to read this article.

hair pin up

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Palm tree

Many of us associate “palm tree” with kindergarten and at times with a ponytail at the crown, colorful rubber bands around. We will tell how to make a more “adult” version of this hairstyle. Gather the hair on top of your head, tie them and loosely twist and wrap around. Keep your hair inserts.

Bow on the side

Fashionable and simple pin up does not have to be on top of the head. Try to clip the hair sidewise, such a hairstyle will look interesting and original. Gather hair at the side of the head and wind it on your hand. Then firmly tie it in the middle of the rubber band, in your favorite color. The end result should look like a bow.


Here is a refreshed version of the classic and still very fashionable hairstyle: Apply to wet foam on your hair and dry it. Now separate your hair at the height of the ear. You can let loose your bangs, so that hair will become lighter. Back-comb the rest of the hair, roll it up and use an insert to hold it.

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