3 tips on painting fabrics

Posted: October 27th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

On fabrics, clothing, bags of linen, of flax, you can manually paint a very beautiful and precise patterns. Floral patterns are very popular, as well as fruit, landscapes and patterns of characters from fairy tales.

Non-toxic paint

Pictures on fabrics can be painted with special, non-toxic paints, intended to paint fabrics such as cotton. In this way, you can beautifully decorate the tops for kids.

Paints for silk

Silk painting technique is a very tedious process that requires a lot of knowledge. On silk you can paint compositions with strong color intensity. Silk scarves are very fashionable and hand-painted.

Art paints for painting fabrics

The best substrate to use artists’ paints are whites and bright, graphic patterns because they are highly visible. Paint can be applied: a brush, sponge roller. Paints partially penetrate through the fibers of fabric, therefore, the thermal fixation of painted patterns remain soft and flexible.

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