3 tips on how to prepare makeup for photos

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Sometimes it happens that even if you look beautiful, photographs do not reflect that. This is because the make-up for photos is different. In the era of digital imaging software incompetent makeup is not a problem, but thanks to our tips, your photos will not need any retouching.

prepare makeup for photos

Foundation and concealer

Makeup for photos should be much stronger than every day. If you want your skin to look picture perfect, apply a concealer for all blemishes, dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections, which can be found on the face. Use a cosmetic that matches your skin tone. Wait until concealer dries and use an opaque, matte foundation on the face and neck. It would be best if you used a darker foundation than your skin tone. Camera flash makes you look more pale, than in reality.

Matt or gloss?

Generally, it is better to avoid any lip gloss, illuminating powders or eye shadows with lightning particles. It may turn out that the flash lamp will be reflected and create white spots. Instead of a lip gloss, use a satin or matte lipstick, matte shadows will accentuate eyelids.


A huge role in creating the appropriate makeup plays lighting that will be used when taking photographs. If the lighting is warm, prepare make up in warm colors, and if cold – in cold ones. In addition, remember that cold light brings out all the imperfections of your skin, so you better be prepared. Natural daylight hardly requires experiments with makeup. You can even make a delicate, everyday pastel makeup.

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