3 tips on how to make a bridal makeup

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

Do you want to look perfectly on your wedding day, while saving money on makeup? You do not need to visit a beauty salon to do a perfect bridal makeup. You can do the same by yourself. Just by reading our tips you will amaze everyone with your appearance.

bridal makeup


Do not apply a thick layer on the face of “wallpaper”, on your wedding day your face should look fresh and radiant. So choose coloring or light moisturizer, moisturizing foundation. To slightly warm up the skin tone, apply gently bronzing powder. Keep in mind that the bronzer should be put only on 3 spots on the face – the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks. If you are using shining powder, you better not go overboard with it. You do not want the pictures of wedding with your face shining like a light bulb.


Let’s start with the eyebrows. If you have overdone their regulation, there is no reason to panic. You can use eyebrow pencils in bright, natural color to repair that. Then you can shape your eyebrows with a comb. If your eyebrows are fair, a good idea is to do henna. When it comes to eye makeup use shades that highlight their color. If you cannot decide what color looks best with your iris, choose shades of beige, brown, pink or lilac. They can emphasize blue, green and brown eyes. To draw lines, use a brown or black eyeliner. To “open” the eye more, use an eyelash curler and apply 2 coats of mascara. The first layer has to dry, before applying the second. Choose the waterproof mascara as it will remain on the eyelashes longer and will not flow if you shed few tears.

Lips and cheeks

Your bridal makeup will be properly completed by lips and cheek makeup. Choose a blush in a warm, peach or pink shade. Remember to choose the right cosmetic for your skin type. If your skin is greasy, go for roses in the form of powder, and if dry – in the cream. When it comes to lips, apart from lipstick, liner in a similar shade or a few shades brighter will be useful. You’d better not choose a darker lip liner if you want to avoid a dramatic effect. Lip color should be pretty intense, so that you will look fresh and radiant. Shades will make your face will look pale and tired if too neutral or frosted.

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